Corporate Yoga in Austin

Corporate yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses around the world thanks to the positive impact it has on individuals in the workplace. Our goal in the corporate wellness space is to reduce employee stress while enhancing employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Customize a package according to your company needs! Our corporate offerings include:

Yoga classes – Full body workout consisting of stretches and strengthening to improve mobility.

Breathing exercises – Educating employees on how to use the breath to calm the mind.

Meditation – Leading employees through guided meditations to reduce stress and enhance concentration.

Principles of posture – Detailed posture analysis and assistance on how to have better posture in general.

Desk-side yoga – Educating employees on useful strengthening and stretching techniques that can be done at a work desk.

Wellness day events – Moving, breathing, meditating. A 2-3 hour experience to get employees to destress and have fun!

Branded yoga mats – supplied at an additional charge on request.


  • One 60-minute session per week – $180 per class
  • Two 60-minute sessions per week – $150 per class
  • Wellness day event pricing will vary depending on the number of employees and sessions

Email us at for more information, suggestions and to book a class